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Your journey involves more than just making a living. With the help of our career services team, you can have a career that fulfills you with meaningful work that changes lives. At CCI, your graduation is only the start of your life’s adventure.

Think of our Career Services Department as your career guidance system. Your future is our focus. We know it takes more than just hands-on training to get started in your chosen field.

That’s why we offer a range of services to help you along.


career services resume development

Our Career Services department helps students and graduates build their resumes by professional expertise and experience. We know what employers want in a resume so we know exactly how to craft an eye-catching document for you.


career services interview preparation

First impressions are everything. A well-crafted resume, a professional portfolio, and mock interviews are some of the best ways we help our students prepare for a job interview. These tools will give you the preparation and confidence needed to succeed.


career services employment assistance

Current students and graduates both use our Career Services department to search for career opportunities. Career Services regularly communicates employment opportunities to graduates and pending graduates to ensure they are aware of current openings related to their field of study.

Ask a CCI representative about our job board.


career services workshops

Throughout the year, our team delivers career-related workshops. These workshops are run by professionals in the field and relate to our students’ future career goals. Upcoming graduates have the opportunity to meet with our Career Services Coordinator to understand their goals and to develop a strategy to launch their career.


career services hiring events and clubs

The Career Services team at our campus also coordinates hiring events. These can include individual company screenings and even entire career fairs. Hiring events are unique opportunities for students to see what careers are available to them after they complete one of our programs.