What CCI’s Vocational Nursing Program Has to Offer

As you research different vocational nursing schools, you should first consider the amazing opportunities and exciting technologies that CCI can provide for you.

Throughout your training, you’ll have the academic support you need in an environment that nurtures growth. You’ll also be able to utilize CCI’s online tools practice, our skills lab, additional clinical training, NCLEX based testing, case scenarios, NCLEX reviews, and continued assessment.

VN Simulation Laboratories

Our hands-on training involves working in the Simulation Lab. You’ll get the chance to work on electronically designed manikins, developing your critical thinking and confidence to prepare you for proper patient care. Your aspiration to become a valuable healthcare provider is important to CCI.

We give you all the tools necessary to be successful.

Our simulation hospital beds with manikins will enable you to learn step-by-step and study with a highly qualified faculty. Using these resources, you will apply real life concepts and scenarios in a safe and informative environment.

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Vocational Nursing Program Class Sizes

Our classes are no more than 15 students in any of our clinical sites. This approach gives you the opportunity for better guidance and the attention needed to optimize your time with CCI’s instructors.

Full-Time and Part-Time Schedule

We’ve all been where you are and we understand sometimes life can be demanding. That’s why CCI offers day, evening, and weekend classes for your convenience.

Our flexible schedule is designed to accommodate your schedule, meeting the balance between your learning needs and your personal life.

We offer a 2-day (Part-Time) or 4-day (Full-Time) schedule to choose from. In addition to the weekend clinical rotation schedule, CCI also has hospital and clinical site partners so you gain valuable experience.

Our focus is to help you become a successful vocational nurse, no matter life’s obstacles.