What Does an LVN Do?

What Does an LVN Do? 

If you’re new to LVN programs and aren’t really sure what a licensed vocational nurse does then you’ve come to the right place to learn. You’ll serve as the support system for doctors, nurses, and even patients.

You’ll assist the entire team with common medical practices, recording important documentation, and educating the patients about their upcoming procedures or tests.

When patients need answers, you’ll be the one they turn to. That’s why it’s crucial to train people for the fast-paced and exciting world of healthcare.

LVN Jobs and Duties

As you might have gathered, licensed vocational nurses are Jacks and Jills of all trades. You will work seamlessly through administrative and medical tasks, going from one important job to another.

Vocational Nurses (VNs) play a vital role in any healthcare team. Below is a list of just some of the duties you’ll perform in your new career.

Duties of an LVN

  • Recording Vital Signs
  • Administering Medications
  • Collecting Samples for Routine Lab Tests
  • Leadership, Supervision, and Proper Patient Interaction Skills
  • Assisting Physicians with Patient Examinations
  • Recording Patient History and Personal Information
  • Administering Injections or Medications (as permitted by state law)
  • Patient Education

A licensed vocational nurse gets a lot done around healthcare facilities. It takes quick and critical thinking skills to thrive in the healthcare field. This program requires discipline, dedication, determination on your part, leading to success in this industry.

California Career Institute’s vocational nurse program is here to help you graduate with the confidence and qualifications to begin your career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. We go to great lengths to ensure you have every tool you need to succeed, while you carve a path to a brighter future.

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